Terms of service


400 North Flooring terms of service:

  • Client agrees to pay 400 North Flooring for the project, payable as follows:
    • 50% of balance due upon signing this contract or agreeing to proceed with the project
    • Remainder of the balance due no later than 5 business days after job completion
    • If customer fails to provide payment within this time frame, customer shall pay 1% of the balance every 2 weeks it is past due
  • 400 North Flooring agrees to notify Client if there are any changes to the materials used or date of installation, and to not continue with any work until Client approves the changes.
  • Client agrees that all sales for materials are final and non-returnable. 400 North Flooring’s flooring is not responsible for color variations in tile, hardwood, lvt and laminate. It is the client’s responsibility to review samples and understand that different products have different variation levels.
  • Client agrees to remove fragile items and disconnect electronic equipment, i.e lamps, knick knacks, chinaware, TVs, stereos, fish tanks, and other valuable items prior to installation.
  • Client understands there may be additional charges if floor preparation is required at the time of the installation. This is something that can only be determined when the existing flooring is removed. There may also be additional charges to cut off any doors that do not clear the flooring.
  • Client agrees that shoe molding that is installed, with the exception of stainable shoe molding, comes primed white and will not be painted by 400 North Flooring.
  • 400 North Flooring agrees to remove all materials and debris from the job site upon the completion of work (excess pad, carpet scraps, etc.). 400 North Flooring will leave the flooring installed in a clean condition, however, Client should expect that dust resulting from the installation will settle and may appear on floor a day or two after project completion.
  • If Client chooses to move all furniture or remove existing flooring themselves prior to installation, but fails to do so completely, there will be additional charges.
  • Client understands that delivery date estimates are approximate and will not hold 400 North Flooring liable for production, manufacturing, shipping or scheduled delays.
  • Client understands that 400 North Flooring adds a percentage to the measured areas when ordering materials to account for waste and that any remaining materials cannot be returned for a refund.
  • 400 North Flooring and Client agree that all installations are guaranteed for two years. After that period is up to the discretion of 400 North Flooring.
  • Client agrees that 400 North Flooring reserves the right to make any equitable adjustments necessary in the event of salesman error.
  • Client agrees to pay all attorney fees plus court costs in the event the balance due is sent to collections.
  • Client agrees that by giving a deposit and/or proceeding with the project the client agrees to 400 North Flooring’s terms and conditions.